Skin Care – Bee Balm

Green Beauty!

Our 100% natural basic skin care product is made from cold pressed macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, beeswax, unrefined mafura*, or shea butter raw honey and pure essential oil.

Quickly absorbed, your skin is left feeling luxuriously hydrated and rejuvenated.

Head to toe, all over skin balm, massage oil, body butter, cuticle softener, hand and foot lotion, lip balm – all in one. 150 ml R180. 75ml R90,  30ml R40.

contains no “nasties” no chemicals, no preservatives, no parabéns, no petroleum byproducts, no palm oil, no animal fats.

We also sell wildeals (artemisa) umhlonyane

The popularity of Artemisa Afra has risen to prominence during the Covid-19 outbreak after claims emanating from Madagascar that the plant can defeat the coronavirus. Wild harvested, air dried suitable for making “tea”. use approximately a teaspoonful in a cup of boiling water and infuse for 5 minutes. The addition of honey or lemon will make it more palatable. R50. per bag (makes +/- 50 cups)